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‘Lithuania’s Life Sciences sector continues to be one of the fastest-growing innovation hubs in Europe. In recent years, the sector has grown at an average annual rate of around 30%. The GDP generated by the industry reached 3% in 2022, while significant venture capital firms such as Taiwania Capital and Vsquared Ventures invested in the country’s startups in 2023, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries. As the sector’s growth trajectory continues to accelerate, we’ve set a strategic goal of becoming Europe’s most attractive country in the life sciences sector by 2030’, says Aušrinė Armonaitė, Minister of the Economy and Innovation of Lithuania.

Lithuanian Life Sciences Companies

Learn more about Lithuania's life sciences companies and find a partner

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Lithuania's Life Sciences Sector

Learn more about the Lithuania's Life Sciences Sector

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Latest news: Life Sciences Baltics 2023: boundless approach leads life sciences to innovations without borders

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, will host an impressive gathering of top life sciences decision-makers, startups, founders, investors, and talents in one place. From cutting-edge technologies like gene editing and cell therapy to advancements in protein design, microfluidics, and AI-based solutions, the potential in the life sciences sector is promising but risky.


Why such a buzz? Investors explain.

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SAVE THE DATE: Let's meet at the leading life sciences event in the Baltics

Life Sciences Baltics 2023 brings together top decision makers and the next generation of founders and talents from the Baltics, all in one place. Discover the latest advancements in biotech and network with CEOs and researchers from all over the globe. Get your ticket to Life Sciences Baltics in Vilnius, Lithuania, on September 20-21.

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LithuaniaBIO News

Read the latest news from the Lithuanian Biotech Sector

Explore Lithuania's Life Sciences Sector

Lithuanian Life Sciences sector exports approximately 90% of its production to foreign markets. Lithuania is well-known for developing unique biotech technologies and products, and the local specialists are highly valued by the world’s leading companies.

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